A second wife…

Admittantly we are down one adult.  Just one more adult to add to our regime would make things so much easier.  So rather than paying for a nanny, I’ve suggested we get another wife. No it’s not a religious decision it’s just a practical one.  I mean think about it, who would want another husband?!? Need I go into detail here.  But another wife? Now that’s worth something.  She can help cook (because I only like to eat, not cook), she can help with the cleaning (while my Mom and Tony do most of this and well, I’m still stuck ironing and putting away my own laundry and cleaning my bathroom sink), she can run around the kids to buy glue for their school project, to a doctor’s appointment to the 3rd birthday of the weekend.

And I know what you’re thinking.  What everyone is thinking in marriages with more than one wife.  What happens in the bedroom?  Well……Girl, please, we are not going to be altnerating nights.  I’m not going to be sharing.  But I sure could use a pinch hitter.  I’ll send her up to bat when I don’t feel like playing.  When I’m too tired, too sick or when Karen Marie Moning releases her latest installation in the Fever series and I need to go on a three day reading binge.  Yes, that’s when wife #2 can step in.  Now that’s what I call team work!

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