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Welcome to Mommy on Strike…

Hi my name is Nechelle Vanias and after constantly hearing “How do you do it?” I’ve decided to let you into my world.  Not to brag but to give you some insight on how I am consistently NOT doing it but can still believe that I’m great at everything I do. Not just good but GREAT!

Oh this isn’t going to be a fairytale accounting a la perfect photos on Facebook (although we do take perfect photos) or an accounting of my kids’ many accolades (although I am breeding super humans over here).  No, this is going to tell you that as a mother, a wife, a mompreneur, a consumer, a friend, a homeschooler and just lil ole me how I’ve forgotten my husband’s birthday the year we got married, got out of the car while it was still running because I was so distracted, how I’ve missed deadlines, chosen less conventional ways to parent and how I decided that there’s a better way to educate my kids and probably yours too…

I have six beautiful children, ages 2 to 15 years old.  No multiples, although we wish we had.  And no we are not Catholic which I get asked a lot.  You’ll get to meet the whole clan in these pages.  They’re a great bunch and big pains in my ass but I wouldn’t have it any other way although I have threatened to return each and every one of them (I’ve balanced that with a healthy dose of self esteem so don’t worry).  We currently live in Charlotte, NC but are preparing for a cross country move to the Los Angeles area because it’s time for a new adventure. Yep we go where we want and do what we want because we’re going out with no regrets.

It is my true pleasure and honor to have you along for this journey.  So be prepared to lauch, cry and yell along with me.  You’ll see youself in my life, you’ll be glad when you don’t and you’ll often wish you did.  I’m living not just existing so come see what that looks like…



Nechelle Vanias is a world-class marketer with 20+ years of experience in digital, consumer engagement,media, branding, media, sales and operations.

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