Hiding in the closet…

As a hyrid of the stay-at-home-mom and the working mom, since I work from home like many mommies do.  I also have the challenges of making that work.  Trying to maintain an appearance of profesionalism I’ve foound myself taking extraordinary measures.

See when you can even pee by yourself, making a phone call is a feat up there with climbing Mount Everest. I can assure you that every human need a little person can have will all reach urgent status the second they see you’re on the phone.

The evil looks that turn into pleading eyes never work. And so you’ll often find me in a closet.  Yes, hiding in the closet is the only option you have to making an uninterrupted phone call.  The hope is that the last place they’ll look for you is in a closed door closet.  Since wearing coats is optional even in sub zero degree weather, it’s also unlikley that they may happen upon you by accident or even think to put that on their track down list.

Now in addition to hiding in the closet, you’ll also take the hard covering the mouthpiece and loudly whispering in fear that they might pass by the closet and hear you.  Oh get an office you say, have you ever tried making a call when there are little hands and feet ramming into the door and the shrill of little voices screaming “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy”  Oh and the teenagers at least won’t kick the door but their knocking is worse.  So if you need me I’ll be hiding in the closet…

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